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Black swallowtail butterfly

A Poem: interdependence day

Black swallowtail butterflyThe butterfly effect.
I step out of my door early in the morning
And choose to let my foot drop to the ground
Where it will.

Today, that footfall happens to be on a small
Creature, barely visible if I had taken the time
To look there and notice it.

I will never know the form that was to be
One of nature’s beauties. Today, a worm.
Tomorrow, a colorful, flying painting:
Handiwork of God’s unmitigated love for
This creation of which I am a part.

And now, I have changed it forever.
By that one choice that I did not even count
As a choice at the time. The heaviness of
My foot is astounding compared to that
Tender, unassuming God-made wonder.

I have wrecked a tiny part of creation’s
Fabulousness. I confess and know my part.

Let today be the day that I seek my way back
To the bliss of knowing creation’s beauty.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011, 2017 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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