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Confession to Compassion

Confession:Reflection – 2nd singer-songwriter release from Stan Stewart

My second singer-songwriter release is “Confession:Reflection”. Over the years, this has been one of my most popular original songs when I perform it at live gigs. Unlike “Yet” (the first release), it has been heard by many people already. (In fact, there’s a live version in the EP from a few years ago.) It’s been described by friends and fans as a “power ballad”. Let me know if you agree.


Confession to CompassionEvery song is a reflection of some sort (unless it’s purely for monetary gain). My 2nd release in my singer-songwriter series obviously is a reflection. Both the studio and live versions reflect a minstrel pondering his relational life and looking for ways to expand into what he wishes his life would be.

I used to think that intention was enough. “If you could just understand what I meant to do…” Then, over the years, I learned from personal experience and feedback from others about the consequences of what I do — even unintentionally. Informed by this experience, I learned about personal integrity. Thankfully, I’ve come a long way regarding holding myself accountable for my actions and continue to hold this in front of me. Let me see if I can say that more clearly: I now hold myself accountable for my actions (to the best of my ability).

One of the most obvious ways being authentic plays out in life is in relationships. I’ve had my share over the years; am grateful to be in a wonderful primary relationship now; and could easily slip into regret about what I have or have not done in previous relationships.


But regret has never had any helpful consequences for me, so I prefer confession. Once I’ve confessed honestly and vulnerably, the possibility of forgiveness (from someone else) and compassion (from myself) opens up. That’s how I see this song these days: as calling myself to be the best I can be even in my human foolishness.

“Look at me play the fool” is not a derogatory comment. It’s a confession. And that’s good for the soul and so much more.

I hope you enjoy the song.

This time-lapse video is me recording the last few vocal tracks on the studio version of this song.

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  2. Excellent tune Stan. Very timely for me as I stumble into the last quarter of the game. Thanks.

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