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Elements Suite

Elements Suite: A musical meditation on nature


I’m happy to present “Elements Suite” to you. This is a musical meditation on the traditional natural elements in a number of earth-based philosophies, plus wood from Chinese elemental theory.

I’m not going to say too much here. Instead, I’ll let the musical meditations “speak” for themselves. Just press the play button at the bottom of each of the five sections below. Thanks for listening!


Air - Elements SuiteThis element is sometimes called wind. In fact, I first was exposed to the idea of the natural elements because I was attracted to the music of Earth, Wind & Fire.

These days, I usually think of this element in terms of breath. Without breath, there is no human or other animal life.

Branches (Wood)

Branches - Elements SuitebagpipesThough not included in Western versions, Chinese elements include metal and wood. I’m particularly intrigued by forests, trees and their branches. Trees are a huge attraction into nature for me.

The wood from trees is used in many instruments from drumsticks to woodwinds. In particular, I see branches echoed in the shape of the bagpipe drones. Since my time in Scotland, I have always been intrigued by the pipes. Here’s my ode to them in this suite.

Droplets (Water)

Droplets - Elements Suite

Water takes many forms: rain, mist, vapor, surf, flow, snow, ice, and many more. All my friends know that I enjoy H2O in many forms, especially moving water and waterfalls.

Flame (Fire)

Flame - Elements Suite

Flames bring light and heat. They can also burn and generate chaos.

All of the elements can be creative or destructive energies. For me, this is particularly evident with fire.

Soil (Earth)

Soil - Elements Suite

In the present age of instant gratification and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), it can be challenging to slow down to the inner tempo of soil, earth, and mud. I think this is similar to what some bodywork professionals mean when they say “the speed of the body”. In short, what happens if we slow down?

Earthiness is something that I am longing for these days. May we all find ways to be grounded. There is much beauty in that.

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