Expand - Tree Silhouettes

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Expand, version 2

Expand - Let the tree beBreath
Go ahead
Breathe me what I need
To inhale

Wind blows and trees creak

They do not care that
You do not sleep
Though it is one AM

They will let you be
Let them be, too


Expand, version 1

Expand - Tree RingsI notice my ribs expand and contract
With the gentle flow of breath.
It’s just after one o’clock, so there is no
Rush to be up.

For some reason this morning,
The expanding
Reminds me of the rings
Of a tree:
Those telltale signs that this
Trunk will expand until it
Can support all
That is above it.

At least for a time.

The wind is blowing
Outside the window.
Though I cannot see them
In the cloudy darkness,
I know that the trees are
Bending and swaying
As the gusts press and
Then subside.

Winds have blown
Through my life.
I notice the impulse
To turn the external
Bodies of tree and breeze
Into metaphors for
What has happened
In my life.

And, for now, I quiet
That compulsion.

Listen: The wind is
Blowing. And look:
Vision adjusted can
See the trees for
The beautiful beings
That they are,
Silhouetted like this against
A soft glow of the moon,
stars, and rising sun.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Poem and photos are Copyright © 2014, by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Expand - Tree Silhouettes

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