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creative flow from compassionate grit

MicrophoneI’m posting today in response to a writing/creativity prompt from Jen Louden. I’ll be brief. (So brief that all the SEO tools will say this is too short.) My intention here is to spur you to consider how you can engage with your creative flow.


You know how to do the driving force thing. It is not hard to do. Just press your upper teeth into the lower set and dig in. Is it fun? No. It is just a way to get the job done. This is not a way to be kind to your body or spirit. This gritty approach may work in the short-term or when you have to push through internal or even external blocks. Even then, it won’t work consistently.

Heart Of CompassionCompassion

What if you un-grind your teeth? What would happen if you could bring that driving force of grit with a tenderness toward your own bodyspirit? Would that change the process? the outcome? Compassion on its own could be a de-motivator if you’re not careful, so that’s why you’ll use it coupled with grit. Let your imagination expand into the stuff you can do if you bring these two together to your creative work.

Creative FlowCreative Flow

Your body does want to have fun. So, what would be the most fun thing for you to create today? this year?

You are a gift to yourself and to the world. Creativity is taking that gift and offering it back to the world.

my creative flow
my creative flow


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  1. I see now what you meant about the Sabian symbol I sent you. I could have sent the symbol for your Sun degree, Moon degree or rising sign. So yes, it is interesting that I chose the one I did. Nice article! I enjoy your writing.

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