Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls beauty and inspiration

One of the visual and auditory gems of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York (USA) is Taughannock Falls. […]

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Snow Story Graveyard

Snow Story video – care for the children

Trigger warning: this video uses images of graveyards and loneliness to raise concern about caring for children (ending child abuse). Please […]

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Split-Personality Spring

Split-Personality Spring #photo series

It’s raining here in Ithaca. This was the weekend for a video shoot, but that’s not going to happen in […]

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Yule Tree - Sarcastic Side

Sarcastic Side – #improv #poem

My sarcastic side Has been in full effect Leading up to Yuletide. I want to be serious, But there’s a […]

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Sky, clouds, trees, and tears

Tears – #improv #poem

Tears So close to the edge They nestle against Nothing And the fabric of something that wants to work its […]

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Autumn Sunrise

Visions Of Autumn

Color Music is a way of creating color in sound waves. Where I live, it is Autumn. That means that color […]

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Child's Smile (Heart Leaps)

heart leaps – an #improv #poem

As part of #Quest2015, Pam Houston provided this prompt: “Sit quietly and ask yourself, what in the last day or […]

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Offensive Transformation

Offensive – a #poem

In the third prompt for Tracking Wonder’s #Quest2015, Michael Bungay-Stanier asks “Who are you willing to disappoint or offend or […]

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Expand - Tree Silhouettes

expand – two #improv #poems

Expand, version 2 Breath Go ahead Breathe me what I need To inhale Exhale Listen Wind blows and trees creak […]

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Bedroom Window – a #poem

I like the idea Of having a view Out of my bedroom window And yet it seems to Be the […]

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