Vote for your favorite piano improv by clicking play

Vote for your favorite #30DaysOfInterplay piano improvisation

Vote for your favorite piano improvisation from the 30-day challenge. On November 9, 2018, I’ll tally your input and put […]

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Candle light

Wee Hours – an #improv #poem about darkness and light

Once again awakened, too early, I look into the darkness for Answers. I notice that the only answer It holds […]

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Heartburn – a poem by Stan Stewart

I have heartburn and what I mean by that is that my heart is breaking thinking of the relationships I […]

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The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

5 things you can do to keep play in your life and the world

In my previous post, I listed five things we (you and I) can do to bring playfulness to our daily […]

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Purple Heart

5 daily requirements of playful adulthood

I’ve been an advocate of adult play for many years. Since befriending Phil Porter, who co-founded InterPlay with Cynthia Winton-Henry, this […]

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what I did on 11-11-11

On November 11, 2011 (commonly referred to as 11-11-11), I spent over 6 hours in a high school classroom offering […]

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Steve Varner on jazz bass

jazz poem 1

I will not tap my feet. Though the rhythms and melodies you play Conger up kicking off shoes and Dancing […]

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Scout Is

Scout (the Wonder PlayDog)

This is Scout. He’s a dog that we adopted several years ago. These days, he is aging alongside us. Which […]

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piano improv

easy focus

video movement meditation…

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Music History Piano

This is not our fate

“So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late”

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