#interplayful – 30 days of 30 #piano #improv plays

Here comes 30 days, 30 plays. But not the kind of plays on a stage in the theatre. 😉 30-day […]

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stan stewart tweets

What does 100,000 tweets mean, anyway?

Part of the beauty of Twitter is the brevity. But there are some things you can’t say in 140 characters. […]

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Rain (bow)

seal my heart with soft rain

Rain has been pouring, showering, Gushing and sprinkling all day. Until today, there had been only The memory of rain. […]

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Playful Kingfisher Summer – a #poem

Sprillitz! Avoiding Summer heat in the Shade of the shoreline trees, Kingfisher swoops to seemingly KrAsH headlong into the water’s […]

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When In Doubt (Or Certainty), Improvise (part 5 of 5)

No matter how much I prepare, mapping out my project, getting inspired, setting up the tools and resources I’ll need, following my creation,  […]

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Following and Leading

Following and Leading (part 3 of 5)

Creativity at its best is a matter of following and leading. I learned about “following and leading” from InterPlay where this is one […]

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Celebrating the Light – Samhain and Halloween

Last night, an awesome group of people (that I get to “play” with almost every week) were part of an […]

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The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

5 things you can do to keep play in your life and the world

In my previous post, I listed five things we (you and I) can do to bring playfulness to our daily […]

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Purple Heart

5 daily requirements of playful adulthood

I’ve been an advocate of adult play for many years. Since befriending Phil Porter, who co-founded InterPlay with Cynthia Winton-Henry, this […]

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Stan big smile

Poem 0185 of 1,000: suggestion

Just a suggestion: Maybe just for a moment You could smile. Doesn’t matter if it’s On the inside or the […]

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