Dance Forms like Ballet

7 Dance Forms Around the World to Get You Grooving

7 Dance Forms Around the World to Get You Grooving

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Luminous Darkness

luminous darkness – a spontaneous #poem

A soft light hovers and sways As I approach the doorway. The voice I hear Is inviting enough. Yet my […]

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Thor's Gate and Light Beings

Return of the Light Beings

After the Light Beings appeared at Columcille for Samhain, I said that I would be publishing a video with a […]

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Celebrating the Light – Samhain and Halloween

Last night, an awesome group of people (that I get to “play” with almost every week) were part of an […]

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The InterPlay Inspiration Deck

5 things you can do to keep play in your life and the world

In my previous post, I listed five things we (you and I) can do to bring playfulness to our daily […]

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Purple Heart

5 daily requirements of playful adulthood

I’ve been an advocate of adult play for many years. Since befriending Phil Porter, who co-founded InterPlay with Cynthia Winton-Henry, this […]

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Steve Varner on jazz bass

jazz poem 1

I will not tap my feet. Though the rhythms and melodies you play Conger up kicking off shoes and Dancing […]

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move your body into the dance

drumming up some Summertime fun

Among the musical instruments that I play, hand drums are probably my third best (after piano/keyboard and guitar). Yet, I […]

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Feel Music :)


I performed for the first time with Penn Strings on Sunday.  It was great.  We had a kind of simple […]

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piano improv

easy focus

video movement meditation…

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