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Thor's Gate and Light Beings

Return of the Light Beings

After the Light Beings appeared at Columcille for Samhain, I said that I would be publishing a video with a new, original score. Like so many creative projects, I procrastinated, delaying the publishing of this beautiful event. Everything in my life became more important than this project I had promised to myself. I’ve written before about how fear and shame can get in the way of creative work, so I’m choosing not to repeat that.

Instead, let me just say that once I started to create the music, it was an interesting and fun process. First, this was the maiden voyage my recently rebuilt studio. That was enough to may it intriguing. Most of the software were at version levels that I’d never previously used.

Thor's Gate and Light Beings

Second, I started off with a piece that was heavily percussion-based. I layered numerous performances of my own drumming. In the end, they only provided a time-consuming metronome as I eventually dumped all of the drum and percussion tracks in this current version of the score. But this definitely delayed the completion of the project.

Third, I was reminded how much improvisations are part of my composing. Each of the elements (including the ones that did not make the final cut) started as a spontaneous recording. Most of these improvs became parts of the structure and melodic themes.

As I developed the score, I was continually reminded of the beauty created by my friends who are the Light Beings. Each frame of the lit-up angels strikes a chord of awe and any music would have been dim by comparison with the enchanting visuals.

Above all, these Light Beings dancing on such a dark, cool night, are welcome reminders that human beings can illumine our world enough to see beauty. Each person enlightens his/her own space and we can welcome or shun this ability to see in the metaphorical darkness that seems so often to envelope our world.

So, here is the movie as it stands: created from video snippets from their Samhain (Halloween) dance and now with music added just in time for the Winter Solstice. May you be inspired through all the seasons of the year to be a being of light.

Dedicated to the Light Beings:  Anita, Brad, Brian, Heidi, Jill, Patti, Sage, Sue, Susan, and Susanne.

15 thoughts on “Return of the Light Beings”

  1. Stan,

    As one of the light beings who danced on this beautiful October night, it was incredible to relive the experience through your powerful and inspiring video with this new, original score. Your music absolutely does justice to this awesome celebration of light and darkness, love, joy, peace, and community. I am so moved by the interplay of the skillful & artistic videography and the awesome musical composition that accompanies it. I thank you for sharing this creative offering.

    1. Yes, Susan! You certainly are one of these dancing beings of light! I’m honored to read your comments about my work and appreciate your support. Honestly, the video capture was whatever I could get since I was also snapping stills with my (very still in the darkness) DSLR. Anita and I were disappointed that none of the burial chamber video snippets were able to make the final cut. In real life, that was the most dazzling communal light being “picture”.

      I’m blessed to be visited by a Light Being like you!

  2. Stan, the video was intriguing. I’ve never experienced a light dance before and this was a joy to watch. The flickering candles brought a sense of mystery and caution to what I was witnessing.

    The score…oh brother, the score. I found myself, about half-way through falling back into my memory and ‘feeling’ past journey’s of my life. Your music carried me through sadness (to the point where I almost cried) and joy. I found myself swimming in your creation and I felt refreshed when it was completed.

    Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Greg,
      I’m so glad to get your response, my artful brother. Glad that you shared how you were moved by it.

      I am always attracted to your photographic vision of the world, so I hold your comment with high respect and love.


  3. Stan,
    I just looked at the video and heard the music for the first time. Great job on weaving your beautiful, mood-enhancing music to the flow and grace of the Light Beings. Wish I could have been there, but at least the Light Being basket was present for this lovely occasion.
    Love, susan

    1. Yes, Susan: you were definitely there with us in spirit and even the craft from your own hands.
      Thanks for looking and listening!

  4. Stan~ Your music continues to inspire me each week at class and now in this beautiful video. The melodies flowed and blended together so fluidly that it carried my mind a if I was soaring like the etherial spirits of LIGHT. I found myself watching it again and again just to hear the music.
    I am almost at a lost for words—it was that magical.
    I am in awe of your amazng talent. Thanks for taking us on this journey. (and thanks for mustering up the energy to produce the finshed project!)In the end it was worth it. all the best as you continue to explore and develop these skills.

    1. I am truly, honestly humbled by your comments, Sue. I’m grateful that you’re in my life and thank you for being part of the inspiration as one of these Light Beings.

      See you soon in the InterPlay studio!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Rob. Glad you enjoyed the video and I can understand why the lights caught your eye, so to speak. 🙂

    1. Terri,
      Always a pleasure to have you drop by and I’m so glad to get your compliments on the music/video.
      Playful blessings,

  5. Dear Stan and all,

    In a moment of procrastination (hmmmm…), I noticed Anita’s RT of your tweet ( about this video. So of course I clicked and I was immediately hooked by the music and the images. Awesome!

    So, as you see, procrastination is OK, as it sometimes allows you to live a magical moment.

    I love the whole idea, how you all staged this and, although the images are just a tiny bit too dark/unsharp, I think the effect is astounding, as I really felt like I was watching some angels or something.

    And the music is absolutely great, Stan, you really should exploit more your “New Age” music creativity, as you have a gift for creating really relaxing and rather transcendental scores.

    So I can only congratulate you all for such a lovely piece. Well done!


    Ivette 🙂

    P.S.: isn’t procrastination great??, but I promise to visit in non-procrastination moments, too. 😉

    1. Ah, Ivette: your affirmations of this video are so welcome. Since you have such a fine eye in your own videos, I really take heart to read your comments.

      Yes, the images are definitely a bit unfocused. It was the most challenging video/photo captures I’ve ever done. It was October 27th and well after sunset, so the darkness was complete. The only lights (as you can see) were from candles, fires and the LEDs in the costumes. The moon was full, but masked by partial clouds. As you say, the effect still seems to work.

      And, yes, these are angels in the finest sense of the word: beautiful people who bring soul, play and wonder to the world and my life.

      Thanks, as always, for your great support and friendship!

      Playful blessings,

  6. (More fun procrastination…)

    Stan, I am still/always learning about photography and filming, but I wanted to share, since you commented about this, that my love for these media is “ancient”, as my father (RIP) was a really good photographer, even though he never had an exhibition or any Twitter to show his stuff. He had all these fantastic German-lens cameras with which he took some really beautiful photos of our childhood (unfortunately some have gotten lost).

    So he taught me all his love for images, plus I have also taken some courses, which helps a lot.

    My minor criticism about sharpness is something that also frustrates me right now, as I don’t have a filming camera per se, but I simply use my Panasonic Lumix’s video feature, in HD format, so it is not easy to control things such as focusing/sharpness with these limited cameras.

    I am sure that, should we have better cameras, we could have less problems with things such as sharpness or darkness control. I am sure we’ll learn this “hands-on”.

    Finally (sorry for the long comments, but it’s also related…), I highly recommend a beautiful homage to the recent history of filming, now that technology has changed this medium so radically:

    It’s called “Side by Side”, featuring Keanu Reeves as the narrator. Though you might have already seen it, I wanted to comment that it is absolutely fantastic, as it shows you so well how nowadays creativity’s gate has been opened to everyone thanks to the easy access to fantastic quality tools such as digital cameras.

    So I wanted to mention the latter to explain why I think we will both manage to improve our photographic creativity as we move to better digital cameras.

    As one of the people in this documentary says in the end, as long as you make something with love, it doesn’t matter how and what medium you use, the important thing is the message. I think this is so true in your above piece, you have really conveyed a beautiful message.

    Really stopping now… 😉

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