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Luminous Darkness

luminous darkness – a spontaneous #poem

Luminous DarknessA soft light hovers and sways
As I approach the doorway.
The voice I hear

Is inviting enough.
Yet my mind says “no” while
My heart says “yes”.

I long for these two to be
In tune, to harmonize and
Symphonize. Both long to sing


For now, though, it is more of a dance.
No choreography, it is an improvised
Movement towards

The beautiful unknown.
This dancing in the dark is
Filled with enticing mystery;

As if the darkness is actually
A dimly lit cloud,
Luminous with anticipation.

And that is why
Each shifting of sinew
And tendon brings me to an

Encounter with that moist
Air of the cloud, connecting
With the liquidity of the motion

Until the dancing becomes
swimming; a welcome drowning
In the Sea of Mists.


~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc.

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