This Grief

This Grief – an #improv #poem

“This Grief” – a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart. People’s inhumanity to each other is baffling, so the poet explores the resulting grief.

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Black Bear in tree

Spring: contemplating the black bear – a #poem

Hibernation is not really for the sleep: The point is the coming back to life. Eyes blinking we become accustomed […]

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Mother Fear

womb: #poem 3 on fear

3 I was making up poetry in the womb. Mother says so, and you know what that means: Nobody’s gonna […]

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Thin Heart

#Poem – To open a heart

She invited me to take a breath and it was then that I realized I had not been breathing. I think, […]

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Rain (bow)

Lonely Summer – a #poem

I had forgotten how Looming the sense Of loneliness Can be in the Heat of Summer. With its glowing bands […]

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Playful Kingfisher Summer – a #poem

Sprillitz! Avoiding Summer heat in the Shade of the shoreline trees, Kingfisher swoops to seemingly KrAsH headlong into the water’s […]

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piano improv

Being real – fans, gigs, and social media

Being real in social media One theme that is consistent in both my writing and my life: being real. You’ll […]

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Untimely – a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart

As untimely as snow in Spring, Love comes and goes. Not wanting or waiting for Mortal desires, it flashes In […]

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rain on a window

Poem 0193: Rain

I try not to complain about rain. There’s something beautiful and calming about the way that it splashes, Creates a […]

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Moon Above Departing Thunderstorm by Joseph Green

#Poem – Effective (An Ode to the Moon)

The moon does not blaze its way From the cusp of the horizon To the heights of the atmosphere. It […]

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