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This Grief

This Grief – an #improv #poem

This Grief (Devil's Falls)

This grief
That seeps into
And out of me these days

Carries the weight of worry.
Vacillating between
A frozen melancholy and
A burning panic,

Its heaviness is
Impossible to remove
From my awareness.

The chills draw my
Head to my chest,
Tucking like a bird
Tucks under its wing.

The sweats leave a
Smelly ooze of
Anxious fear mingled
With unknowing dread.

How, oh how,
Can someone who shares
My humanness

This blood that flows through veins
And skin that holds in
Sinew, and
Bone —

This Grief

Ignore the beauty of
The earth
we live
(And sometimes thrive)

Give such venom to other
Rain hurt on anyone
As “less-than”; and

Value self-aggrandizement more than

Because I don’t have
A satisfactory answer
To my own question,

This grief is what I have.

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.