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Untimely – a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart

Untimely Snow

As untimely as snow in Spring,
Love comes and goes.
Not wanting or waiting for
Mortal desires, it flashes

In surprising (perhaps even
Strange) acts of everything:
From the most endearing
Coming together to a fearsome
Turning away.

Love does not wait to
Burst open in blossoming
. Nor does it wane
At the moment we might wish.

Untimely, love appears and
Vanishes. Only the human heart
Can imagine the breathtaking
Glow and agony it brings.

So, come again, however
Untimely, love! In your embrace
Lies the warmth from this freeze
After the departure of the last.

And don’t come to shift attention
Too far away. Come, however
Untimely, to the embrace that
Is true, unembarrassed self-love.

As untimely as snow in Spring,
Love comes and goes.
Not wanting or waiting for
Human timing. Come now.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2013 by muz4now, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Untimely – a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart”

  1. A beautifully written, evocative poem. I think you’re writing here about eros love. Other types of love such as philia and agape are less “untimely” both in inception and longevity. What makes eros relationships last is the transformation of eros into a mixture of phila and agape. Interesting topic for a poem?

    1. Thank you, Bruce. I see that you have a lovely collection of poetry on your site. I take your comments to heart.

      Yes, that could be a very interesting poem. It’s probably been done, but one of us should do it again anyway. 🙂

      I’ve added your poetry blog to my reader and am glad to connect with you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, Stan. In my spiritual journey, I’ve come to see the vulnerability of love, of loving. Every time that we love another person, it is a risk – we open ourselves to that person, not knowing whether they will love us back, not knowing whether they will be here tomorrow. Aware of the risks, I choose to do it anyway, and I acknowledge that loving is an act of courage. I believe that’s what makes it seem so untimely. It’s out of our control – when and how it comes & goes. It can’t be shaped, sculpted, controlled, guaranteed,… All we can do is follow our hearts and bravely dare to open ourselves to others, all the time remembering that we can only love another person as much as we love ourselves.

  3. Wow, Stan, this is really my favorite poem from you so far. How beautiful!

    It rings very close to me, I guess to anyone who has ever “truly” loved.

    I agree with Bruce Levitan’s comment about this poem being mostly about eros love, which is probably the most complicated one.

    And I also liked Susan Featro’s insightful reply about the “risk” of (eros) love.

    I will die a true worshipper of love as the positive force that binds the universe and everything in it. Anything that is touched by or done with love is magical.


    Ivette 🙂

    1. Ivette,

      I’m honored and glad that you commented! Thank you. You can’t imagine how much I continue to appreciate you.

      Yes, love (perhaps the philia or even agape sort) does bind everything. And that love is never untimely and it’s always available. Let’s spread that…

      Playful blessings,

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