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Mother Fear

womb: #poem 3 on fear

Mother Fear


I was making up poetry in the womb.
Mother says so, and you know what that means:
Nobody’s gonna question it.
And I mean nobody.
She may not get around so fast,
But Mother’s got a way with her tongue
That can lash you within an inch of your life.
That’s probably why I started making
Rhythmic and metaphoric lines
(Rarely, though sometimes with rhymes)
Before I was breathing the stagnant air
Of this external world.
It ain’t always so safe out here.
You gotta have a way to cope.
Part of mine is making up poetry
Just like I did in the womb.

~ each poem spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc.

2 thoughts on “womb: #poem 3 on fear”

    1. Very sweet of you to say, Suzi! Thanks for reading and responding. My blog post yesterday was about the changes in my life. Your comment caused me to go back and read my own poem from a few years ago and notice how this is yet another thing that has changed; I still write poetry, but when I wrote this, my life was shifting more than I knew. Some of that shift showed up in my poetry before it was clear in other ways.

      Thanks and wishing you well!

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