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A small waterfall

Everyday Beauty – Finding Music Everywhere

An everyday scene: a green and yellow fire hydrant

We get so focused on tech, social networks, and the like. Everyday life is all about the stuff that can happen right where we are and any day.

Holiday Everyday

I took a short trip to my old neighborhood. It’s looking surprisingly good and staying just that little bit weird. That’s just the way I like it.

One of the things that intrigued me on this trip is the way things sound. There is music everywhere if we just listen.

Music Everywhere

From the gurgling creeks to the church chimes, I heard music all along the way. None of these everyday sounds need to be taken for granted. They carry a beauty that’s all their own.

Jim Ridl is not someone I get to hear everyday

Of course, I did not have earbuds in my ears nor any other technology pulling my full attention. I was listening. The benefit is that I got to hear and be inspired by this variety of everyday sounds.

Jazz Virtuosos

Jim Ridl and Zach Brock perform live jazz music

Though I do consider the everyday things I heard in all of those places to be music, I was also glad to hear some great jazz. While in Delaware Water Gap, I had the honor of hearing Zach Brock (violin) and Jim Ridl (piano) at the Deer Head Inn. Wow! What a spectacular performance.

Each of these two players created fabulous improvisations and performed several new or recent compositions. The sounds they created together seemed far beyond the sum of two parts. Add to this an incredibly responsive audience and you have some of the reasons that live music is so spectacular.

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