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Lots more from my jazz quintet album

As of the moment I’m writing this, Put the Q in Jazz has only been out for two weeks. I’m really honored by all the great energy around this release.

Jazz Press

It’s always a good sign when an album gets good press. In the case of Put the Q, I’m particularly thrilled by the article by Sammy Stein in Jazz Views. This review site is in the UK. Having lived there many years ago, I’m so excited to have the news of this release spreading there.

I’ve also started to hear back from some jazz radio station DJs and others with great feedback for these tracks. If I get something “in writing” that I can share, I’ll add it in the comments here.

The Other Press

There’s also sheet music ready for you to download! That’s right, you can download the scores for Put the Q in Jazz from either Sheet Music Direct or MusicaNEO. As you know, having the score does not automatically give you the rights to perform them. If you want to include a license to perform, use the MusicaNEO site.

Naturally, if you want to perform these for charity or jazz educational purposes, just reach out to me. I’ll be happy to let you use these for those purposes by acknowledging me as the composer and arranger.

Jazzy Music Videos

Besides the canned videos, I’m thankful again for the cool technology that my distributor, DistroKid, offers for music movies. There are three jazzy track videos plus a playlist and I’d be honored if you’d give them a whirl.

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