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Gigs - Stan Stewart laughs while gigging on the piano

What have I learned from music?

Thanks again to my friends on Twitter who asked me, “What have you learned from music?” So I answered and then I decided to share my first seven answers with you. (Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from music…)

3 thoughts on “What have I learned from music?”

  1. I love the point about dissonance. One of my very favorite sounds in the world is the silence right after an orchestra has finished tuning up, before the music proper begins. It is chaos about to resolve into meaning, a perfect silence. I can’t think of any silence more perfect or musical than those couple of seconds.

    Also, I love how joyful you look in this picture! It made me smile.

    1. Ah, this memory of yours is so beautiful and poignant. Thank you!
      And I’m glad you saw the glee in the photo on this post. It was real. Photographer is a friend of mine/ours. She truly invited me to laugh and I accepted the invitation.

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