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The sun is setting just above a treeline silhouette. There are many clouds in the sky and they frame the light from the sun in uplifting beams of light that cast light and shadow across most of the sky.

Gratitude Of Love – The Piano In The Dining Room

Gratitude is my key. The door to my heart is what I unlock with it.

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Creative Connecting

My spouse is not the only thing in my life that I’m grateful for. But she sure is at the top of my list. So much about her inspires me: her energy, creativity, beauty, and loves come to mind as examples.

Though we connected romantically in our fifth decades, I still consider her to be the “love of my life”. None of the relationships before this came close to how loving and connected we are.

Getting My Gratitude On

Two people with dark glasses are standing on a bridge over a stream. The one on the left is wearing a beige cap and sporting a grey moustache and beard. He is wearing a blue, sleeveless shirt with a brand logo on it. The person on the right has long, grey hair that is pulled back. She is wearing a light blue sweatshirt that is partly unzipped in the front. The scene behind them is a forest with the previously mentioned calm stream going through the middle of it.

As you can imagine, this does not mean that everything is always perfect. Life is twisty. We’ve had to deal with our own individual issues along the way. In fact, we’ve each said at various points that relationship will bring up our “stuff” in ways that being alone simply cannot.

It is in those imperfect moments, that I must return to my gratitude and the foundations of our love. With those in front of me, I can begin to put the troubling parts of these moments in perspective.

Inspired Improv

Two people with bicycle helmets and sunglasses are laughing. The bicyclist on the left has a red helmet and the one on the right is wearing one in "bicycle safety" yellow. Behind and between them we can see rapids in a river surrounded by a forest.

Fortunately, most of the time in our relationship, I feel the love and inspiration above all else. That’s what gives me the momentum to create improvisations like the ones that made it into this album.

I know that I am fortunate. And for that, I am grateful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to these piano improvisations inspired by love. You can find them on your favorite streaming service as well.

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  1. Lovely tranquil, calming pieces Stan. Just the thing for unwinding after a busy day. Though no. 4 gives a nice up beat contrast, but not too active – a rather gentle dance. Well done on this album. Good photo too!

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