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This is literally the piano in our dining room. For the music video "SpellBound" for The Piano In The Dining Room album.

SpellBound – First Music Video from “…The Dining Room”

My fans rarely ask me how I put titles on tracks. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Title This “SpellBound”

It’s a completely intuitive process for me. There’s zero science involved. I listen to the track and ask myself, “What’s the first word or phrase that comes to mind?” It doesn’t even matter if it seems related to the sound or anything else. Nine times out of 10, I go with that first impulse.

That was certainly the case with “SpellBound”. This word popped up as soon as I asked myself that question.

Wait a Minute

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Have you heard? There’s a new album about to release. It will be a continuation of the “Jaydn, Opus…” series. As you know, there are two suites already: The first one is simply Jaydn, Opus 1-5 and the 2nd one is Our Home. The music industry considers these to be an EP (since they are only 5 tracks long), but I prefer to call them a suite.

This next one is a full album of 15 tracks. Like the prior suites, these are piano improvisations. What “improvisations” mean for me is that I spontaneously composed them and that I did not edit to “fix” anything about them. Instead, they are simply mixed and mastered to prepare them for the streaming radios where you can listen to them.


This is literally the piano in our dining room. For the music video "SpellBound" for The Piano In The Dining Room album.

What really ties these improvisations together is that they were inspired by my spouse, Jaydn. Yes, she is a true inspiration to me. And I’m grateful every day that she is in my life. There are so many ways that she inspires me, so even 25 improvisations that include “SpellBound” cannot express those ways.

The other thing I’m so excited about with these new 15 piano improvs is that I created most of them on “the piano in the dining room“. Sometimes, when Jaydn is preparing a meal or we’re just hanging out, I’ll open up the piano and improvise. Often, she will join me in improvising stories and songs together.


The first taste of these fifteen piano tracks is the music video for SpellBound. Here’s what I have to say about it:

I remember how fortunate I am every day. One of those “fortunes” is my partner and spouse, Jaydn. Yes, it’s true I’m so inspired that sometimes I’m “SpellBound”. This piano improv is from my upcoming album, The Piano In the Dining Room. Watch for it.

To read the full poems excerpted in this video, visit:

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