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The cover art for the musical suite "Our Home: Jaydn, Opus 6-10" is an heavily worn piano keyboard. At least 3 of the key coverings has come off to reveal the wooden keys underneath.

Our Home – Opus 6-10 #piano #improv

After seven years, the next suite in the “Jaydn” opus series is ready for your ears.

Opus 6 – Living Room

These piano improvisations come straight from “our home”. Literally. Listen closely and you’ll occasionally hear background noises like one of us shifting in our chair or the piano pedal creaking.

Listen to this spontaneous composition from our “Living Room (Opus 6)”.

The Dining Room

Love Piano Keys - the image of a piano keyboard used in the cover art for Jaydn, Opus 1-5.

There is a piano in our dining room and it’s the one I often play just before or after dinner time. Some of the tracks in this suite (and some yet to come) were played right there and recorded in the moment.

Here’s one from the “Dining Room (Opus 7)”.

The Family Room

We are strong believers in family connections. It’s no surprise that our families converged during the pandemic. Some are closer to us now. And some chose places where there grandchildren were more concentrated. It’s been a beautiful transition in many ways.

“Family Room (Opus 8)” is a reminder of these connections.

Our Bedroom

Rest is deeply important to prepare us for the next day. Meanwhile, our dog is a great reminder that napping can happen any time and almost anywhere.

Of course, the place where we rest is the “Bedroom (Opus 9)”.

And Opus 10 – Morning Coffee

When we first met, my spouse and I found that we had many things in common. One of those is a love for coffee with a deep, earthy flavor. Occasionally, we pause while drinking our first cup of the day. This is a great opportunity to remember all we’re grateful for … including each other.

A cup of cappuccino sits on a wooden desk next to a laptop computer

And a piano improv ode to “Morning Coffee (Opus 10)”.

Thanks for stopping by and listening. Check back for links to this suite on all of the streaming radios.

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