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Family Portrait

Poem 0189: Family

There are ever-expanding
Circles that I am part of.
Some encompass just you and me.
Others? The whole race.Family Portrait

I long to be part of that more
Giant whole and often sense
The grace in that.
Other times, that global circle
Is too much abstraction and
I long only to join with you
In mutual embrace.
This is where I can know
The solid love that is equal parts
Giving and receiving.

So, then, when I reach out with open
Arms, I am calling you — and my own,
Whole self — into not only our diadic
Familial embrace, but also into the
Globally human wholeness for which
We also long.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2012, 2017 by Stan Stewart (Sawyer) and muz4now, Inc.

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