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Birthday morning with Scout on my knee

My idea of a great birthday

Sunday was my birthday. I could have chosen to make it special by doing something completely different from normal. So, I did and I didn’t.

I started my morning off in the usual way: coffee and a morning meditation. It was normal. Which made it special. I realized that I’m doing so much of what I’ve said I want to do in my life. Ahhhh…

Birthday morning with Scout on my kneeI took extended time with Scout (the Wonder/Play Dog) curled up next to me going through email, social media, and friends’ blogs. When I came to my niece’s blog, it struck me again how much my life is aligning with what I have asked for over the years. I left a comment to acknowledge my gratitude.

an afternoon wedding on my birthday

In the early afternoon, I played for a wedding with one of my favorite local musicians, Chris Souza of Penn Strings. It was a sweet ceremony (marked by loud calls and cries of the seven children attending). Being in the presence of young love and getting to play beautiful music: I couldn’t ask for a nicer gift.

Next, I joined my friends at the local arts celebration. That day, jewelry and The InterPlay Inspiration Deck were selling well at  booths. What an awesome day.

I got to see lots of friends at the arts festival while listening to fabulous jazz from people like Dave Liebman and Zack Brock. It doesn’t get much better…Dave Liebman and Matt Vashlishan lead an all-star jazz ensemble

So, I started wondering how something so wonderful as this happened to me. What I mean is that my life is becoming what I wanted it to be and I’m a little surprised to find my life being so awesome. Here are the things I’ve come up with so far:

Promisesserenity prayer

I — very recently — have finally started to really get what it means to keep the promises I make, especially to myself. And not just on my birthday.


I may not practice music as much as I should, but practices and practicing are crucial elements in my life. In keeping with the wisdom of Phil Porter, I try to hold every (healthy, appropriate) repeated activity as a spiritual practice.


I don’t remember where I first heard it, but someone said to think of life more like a trajectory (as opposed to a goal). This way of thinking has brought so much added ease and clarity to my life. It has allowed me to create a less stressful way of moving forward.


The people in my life are awesome. I have tons of awesome friends both in-real-life and in the social media and virtual world of which this blog is a part. Thank you all for being part of what is making my life become so much of what I desire.

birthday sunset

There was a dramatic sunset on my birthday, by the way. 😉

Playful blessings,






10 thoughts on “My idea of a great birthday”

    1. Yes, it was really fun to be with you for that short % of the festival — we spent as much time taking everything down as I did listening to music!

      Playful blessings,

  1. I like the playful layers of meaning in this. It’s normal on your birthday to do something not-normal so you do something not-normal. BUT doing something not-normal on your birthday becomes, over the years, itself the normal thing to do… so you flip it right back by doing something normal!

  2. Stan, may I just say once again, happy birthday? It sounds like it was all anyone could wish for, and I’m really glad for you.

    You and Anita seem like such great people. And you seem REAL to me. You both instill faith that the good outnumber the bad on social media.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us. I’m very happy to have crossed yours, Anita’s and Scout’s paths!


    1. Terri,

      You may. 😉

      Yes, my birthDAY which turned into almost a birthMONTH has been wonderful in a myriad of ways. I appreciate your well-wishes as part of it all!

      I know just what you mean about “the good” in social media. You definitely have a real and reassuring presence in that realm and the blogosphere. Plus, you are a true business person and artist in your own right. So, I too am glad our paths crossed!

      Come back anytime. The blog is always “open”.

      Playful blessings,

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