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A sign at a music festival: "dance tent"

The Joy of Music Festival Experiences

Another summer of Grassroots fun experiences!

Acoustic Experiences

I was privileged to attend Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance again this year. As always, I experienced many glorious moments of music, community, dancing, and indulgences.

Acoustic music styles were plentiful. In the video above, you can hear Bubba George Stringband, Grady Girls, and more. Of course, the soundtrack at music festivals is also full of the excited chatter of the audiences and the hubbub of the outdoor scenes.

Plugged In

In my experience, funk, soul, blues, and rock were also plentiful. I heard many bands that created great live renditions of these plugged-in sounds.

Standouts for me included Max Childs Band which won the Grassroots band competition last year and Shawn Seals and SMX. Shawn is a master of EP (electric piano) and Hammond (electronic organ) solos. I’ll be adding these two to my streaming playlists!

Get Your Jam On

Rising Appalachia were another standout. Each time I’ve heard them in concert, I’m so impressed. Their songwriting and performance are top-notch.

For this performance, Rising Appalachia had an excellent singer substituting for one of the sisters that lead this band. I think you’ll agree (press play on the video above if you haven’t already) that they have an impressive sound.

Community Is Real

One of the best things about Grassroots is the sense of community. My experience is that people at this festival want to help make the world a better place. I think that’s cool.

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Here’s a bonus sampling of the Grassroots Festival Orchestra performance.

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