The Joy of Music Festival Experience

By Stan Stewart             Summer, 2023

Music festivals are a fun way to listen to music and enjoy summer weather.

I also heard funk, soul, blues, and singer-songwriter acts. Noteworthy for me was Max Childs (last year's band competition winner) and...

Shawn Seals & SMX (superb keyboardist and neo-funk songwriter).

A standout performance at the festival was Rising Appalachia. Once again, they were a stellar live ensemble -- in spite of having to replace one of the two lead sister-singers for this concert!

One of my favorite moments of Grassroots is always the orchestra performance on Sunday morning. Besides being well done, I know and have performed with several members.

Though the crowds can be a bit challenging for introverts like me, I enjoy Grassroots each time I've been able to attend. Have you attended a music festival this summer?

To get more of a taste of Grassroots community experience, click the image above for a full-sized view of the videos in this web-story.