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The waterfall in our backyard for TPITDR

The Waterfall – 3rd music video for TPITDR

TPITDR: It’s almost time. I’m so excited for you to hear this entire album.

The Piano In The Dining Room

Soon, you’ll be able to hear the whole album. For now, please listen to the 3 tracks in the music videos:

The Waterfall

If you’ve been dropping by for a while, you’ve already heard stories about this waterfall in our backyard. This water feature is so beautiful. It’s also a reminder of the fragility of nature as it follows droughts and floods.

Our little waterfall is a big part of why we choose to live in the farmhouse above it. It lulls us to sleep many nights and is often a place of solace. In short, my spouse and I love “our” waterfall.

The Music Video

So, it’s no surprise that I’ve featured it in a music video on this album inspired by my spouse. For this particular track, I recorded the waterfall many times and then chose some of the “best” of those sounds as part of the background.

Next, I improvised in two separate sessions. In the first session, I created all the melodic, chordal, and random improvisations. In the second session (though I did not play along with the first session), I improvised only the falling lines you hear throughout the piece.

Finally, I mixed the two sessions together. You can hear many places where my two sessions don’t perfectly line up. And, for me, this is part of the joy of the improvisational process: imperfection.


Wait a minute! What is this funny looking word. Ah, it’s an abbreviation, of course. The Piano In The Dining Room = TPITDR

Watch for this in hashtags on social networks to learn more about the album, it’s inspiration, and to hear the music. Once released “in the wild”, these fifteen piano improvisations will be on all streaming radios. Check back for links to your favorite place to listen.

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