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A brown dog looks at an icy waterfall in the forest. This became the cover photo for First Snow musical suite.

First Snow – a suite of snowy sweetness

You know. Snow is sometimes my muse. “First Snow” is no exception.

Winter Snow

Browse around this site and it won’t take you long to know how much snowy weather and winter inspire me. There’s no doubt in my mind that it has taught me almost as much as some of my mentors.

Given the much warmer temperatures we’re experiencing where I live, I may not see too much snow this year. I’m honestly sad about that. I love when it snows. Global warming is not my friend.

Suite Sweetness

While I fear that my snowshoes will get no use this season, RB and I did get one romp through the snow. It was the first snowfall of winter here. And we enjoyed it to the fullest.

First, we checked out the waterfall in our backyard. It was not brimming its banks the way it has been in recent rains, but it was stately and beautiful. Then, we headed into our favorite gorge and explored the beauty that always resides there, especially in the snowfall.

Inspired Improvisations

Finally, we headed onto the Black Diamond (rails-to-trails) Trail and then home. Yes, this first snow was no exception when it came to inspiration. Or adventure!

When I returned to my studio, I improvised three pieces on the piano. I worked those into orchestral string arrangements. And I think they do work. Hope you do, too!

Technology Kudos

Just a quick shoutout to Fluffy Audio. It was your Venice Modern Strings that pulled me towards making these orchestral string arrangements. And this sound library along with Trio Broz for all of the “first chair” players forms the core of what you hear in the first three tracks on this suite (or EP as some want to call it). Thank you!

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