Snow Day II - ambient orchestra by Stan Stewart

Ambient Orchestra – EP and video for “Snow Day II”

I wonder what a real winter is. The Finger Lakes have traditionally had “hard” winters — meaning lots of gray […]

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Snow Day

Snow Day is sweet and a suite

An actual snow day inspires Stan Stewart’s latest suite of instrumental music.

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Snowy Scene

Snowy Scene: I’m Inspired by Winter

Snowy weather inspires me. Though I am often in the minority, I love winter. Playing in the snow is a […]

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child help donations from Snow Story and Dream This

A few fans asked to see documentation for the donations going to ChildHelp from my song “Snow Story” and the […]

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Snow Story Graveyard

Snow Story video – care for the children

Trigger warning: this video uses images of graveyards and loneliness to raise concern about caring for children (ending child abuse). Please […]

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Snow Story Bank

Snow Story – music technology behind the song

I’ve already written about the most important aspect of “Snow Story”: awareness about child abuse and the need for positive parenting. Still, […]

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Snow Story Waterfall

Snow Story – song 9 – help a child

Trigger warning: this story and song are about child abuse. Take care of yourself, please. Story Up to this point, […]

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Snow in October? Really?

Yes. It really happened. Snow (over 6 inches) in the Poconos in October. Just in time for Halloween. Spooky, huh? […]

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Snowy Limbs

#Poem – Spring Snow

Spring arrived on schedule: March 20-something At such-and-such a time. In my head and my heart it’s still Winter, For […]

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Know This

Know This – an #improv #poem

“Know This” – a spontaneous (improvised) poem by Stan Stewart, strangely inspired by COVID-19 and the practice of physical distancing.

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