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The moon rises in a blue sky behind a treeline behind a snowy field - the blog post is Stirrings and Puppy Romps

Stirrings & Puppy Romps – DreamState #musicvideos

Here come two more music videos from DreamState. I hope you’re enjoying watching and listening as much as I am making them for you.

Videos Galore

A waterfall spills between snow and woodlands as the sun sets - this is the same waterfall as in the music video for Funky Stirrings

Each DreamState suite has one or more videos: 2 with “Dreams”, 1 with “Liminal Space”, and one with “Lucid Dreaming”. This final suite surpassed all the rest with six music vids of its own.

“DreamState: Awakening” video stirrings started well before I release this album. The vids started with “Just Now” accompanied by cascading waterfalls in Finger Lakes’ winters. Then, the puppy RB leads us through the woods for the track “Be You“. And she sets a great example for being fully yourself!

Next up was “Sing Yourself Awake“. (People have been raving about the choirs in this track. Thanks, y’all!) At the same time, I released “Hyper-Awake” music video. (Click the title or images below to see and hear these other tracks with their adventures.)


“Funky Stirrings” was inspired by the sounds of musicians like Kodo and Yoshida Brothers. In case you’re not familiar with these bands, they interweave traditional instruments from eastern Asia with more updated beats and arrangements.

The music video for this track follows a small waterfall through the seasons. In the area where I live, we have lots of waterfalls. There’s one that I see almost every time my dog and I go for a long walk. Here it is in all its seasonal glory. I hope you enjoy the song and the imagery.

The Other One

A small river flows through a forest as the sun sets

Inspiration is another kind of stirring. You probably already know this, but I’m often inspired by winter. Sadly, we only got a few days of snow here this season. (Lots of sleet, winter mix, and such. But very little snow.) I took off with my action camera on those days and captured some amazing footage in our local gorges.

As you can imagine, RB led me on some of these gorge adventures. Her curiosity and enthusiasm for making our own trails is so inspiring. Join us for a romp through the snow in this music video for “Present & Counted For”.

DreamState: Awakening is out! Thanks for watching and listening.

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