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A preview of soft red clouds

Preview videos of the final DreamState suite

Normally, I don’t like to let the “cat out of the bag” early. But in this case I’ll make an exception. (This is what a preview is, after all.)

Preview City

A preview of the orange sky at night

I hope you’ve been enjoying these DreamState suites at least half as much as I have been enjoying creating them. Each one is a beautiful mood setter and preview of the beauty to come. Each one a declaration of the inspiration of dreams.

Dreams are as varied as our waking thoughts. Check out how diverse our dreamstates can be. The point is that dreams are inspiring.

Dream Diversity

In this case, dreams bring the preview of upcoming attractions. It’s hard not to be attracted to dreaming. Every dream is connected to a waking moment.

Red sky (clouds) at night? Sailor's delight.

Truly, your dreamstates are a deep well of inspiration. Of course, I’ve created these videos mostly to deliver the music. But they carry a lovely poetry of visual stimulation as well.

Yes, that’s how I think of these music videos. They are like a poetic accompaniment for the music. For example, did you notice how the slow-motion waterfall starts as the viola melody enters?

Well, Here You Go

You’ve heard from our puppy a few times on this blog. These music videos (and the dreams behind them) are often inspired by her.

Hover in the orange twilight.

Check out this “real” video, because the upcoming ones change the mood a bit. Thanks for listening … and watching this preview of the coming suite! More videos are on the way…

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