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A rainbow extends through rain clouds above a tree line and barren fields - DreamState music video celebration

DreamState Music Videos Exploration

I’m excited. Why? Because here come two more music videos for DreamState: Awakening.

Singing Music Videos Dreams

Like “Be You” from this same suite, this video is a song — meaning it has singing in it. In fact, it’s called “Sing Yourself Awake”.*

The lyrics are a declaration about the DreamState: Awakening suite. Yet they are simple. They say: “All this time: dream always. Truly awake. Dream!”

Instruments are cool

Being able to create music in the studio these days is so awesome. One reason is that I can choose instruments from all over the world. Here’s a short (1-minute and no sound) video I made highlighting the instruments in the next music video.

These instruments include the santur, qanun, bendir, tar, two kinds of oud, string ensemble, surdo, clarinet, doumbek, darbuka, upright bass, riq, ney, and gong. How many of these were familiar to you? Check out the images of these instruments in this video.

World Dreams

So, using these instruments from all over the world, I arranged “Hyper-Awake” the way you can hear it in this music video. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening. And be sure to come back for more music and music videos.

“Sing Yourself Awake” – included in this music video are these Royalty-Free/Free-To-Use/CC0 clips thanks to Pexels: Engine Akyurt, “Leaves On A Plants Stalks”; Pixabay, “Raindrops Pouring”; Sosa Films, “Plants Soaked Wet In Rain Water”; and Edie Reed, “Water Droplets On A Leaf Of Plant (These Pexels links may require proof that you’re human before they are displayed.)

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