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Clouds with an opening to the sky for DreamState Dreams

DreamState – Dreams – hear what they have to say

Listen to your dreams. They have so much to tell you.


“DreamState: Dreams” is the first in a series of musical suites on dreaming. These have been a source of inspiration and musical creativity many times before.

Wafting like the imagery from sleep, these eight tracks float in unknown passageways of the mind. They meander almost without beginning or ending.

Dreams Images

“Fluctuating Sleep Patterns” is the second track. I know several people who, like me, have experienced lots of changes in our sleep patterns for the past few years. Maybe it was the pandemic. Or maybe it’s aging. Or maybe it’s our subconscious minds telling us what’s really up.

Next up is “Intrusive Images”. But these dream images are far from intrusive. They are parts of our mind waking us up while we sleep.

Shall We Sleep

For anyone who has experienced insomnia, the value of sleep is obvious. And I’ve heard it said that sleep with dreams is some of the most restful.

Sleep. And if you are able: dream.

Sneaky Deep

Once we’ve seen these nighttime stories “Sneaking In Through the Side Door”, we’re going to need to breathe. And no one knows better about the in and out breath than a woodwind player.

“Least of All Lucid” probably should have been the first track. I think it’s a very likeable listen. Thanks for sticking with me to the end…

Dreams Indecision

You get it. R.E.M. should stand for “rapid eye movement” — how our eyes move during dreams. But now, we have Rapid Energy Movement. Thanks for listening!

To listen to the whole album, visit my playmusic site. Or search for “DreamState” on your favorite streaming radio.

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