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Dreaming is more than what happens while you sleep

I’m working on a series of musical tracks. The title for the series is “DreamState”. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about dreaming.


Below, you can see a webstory to get you started on this whole idea. When you click on the links in this story, you’ll learn more about one of the songs I wrote about dreaming. These are not part of DreamState, but they do show how often this subject comes up in my tracks.

Daydreams and night-dreams can be a huge inspiration. In the DreamState series, you’ll see how inspiring it is from many different vantage points.

More to come

Check back here in the coming weeks. There will be more about dreaming and about the music they have inspired.

If you don’t mind, please share the webstory above with your friends. Your sharing is the best way for others to learn about my music and stories. Thanks!

And thank you for your support. I look forward to sharing DreamState with you!

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