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Snow Day

Snow Day is sweet and a suite

Snow Day – Freeze and Thaw

Snow Day

Yes, here is some more winter inspiration. This time, it’s best to let the music and images speak for themselves.

Listen for moments of awe. That is the inspiration of the winter storm. Nature has awesome beauty and power.

The natural world shifts and changes all of the time. Some of these changes are sudden and thrilling. Others are subtle and barely perceptible.

Snow Day – Ice

Snow Day

For the adventurer, a snow day is little more than an excuse to explore. During this particular day of adventure, the heel strap on my snowshoes broke. I was glad to have on gear that kept me warm and dry with the snow coming up to my knees in many places!

In the deep parts of the winter forest, ice is threaded through the ground and the trees. Water in one of its forms waits for the Spring. But meanwhile, it can be a force that penetrates and solidifies or separates.

Snow Day – Flow Under Snow

In some places, the ongoing flow of water in the gorges is invisible to human eyes. The covering of snow and ice like a blanket holds the slight warmth of the moving liquid as it courses along the streambed.

Elsewhere, the flowing H2O cuts through the snowy quilt. Breaking free, it forges openings to continue down the gorge to its lake and ocean destinations.

I’m so grateful to live in a place that has (some) seasonal weather. These changes through the year are much like the changes in our lives. They remind me to go with the flow of what’s happening in the moment.

See the sights and hear the musical sounds of a Snow Day Suite

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