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Snowy Limbs

#Poem – whites and grays

Winter white has painted
The world outside and
Left nothing about the
Shape of local geography
To imagination.

The rocks dressed up in
Snow and the trees
Dressed down for
The season place the
Forest in stark contrast
To the jutting buildings
We humans erect for
Shelter and bragging rights.

White and gray:Snowy Limbs
Looking so flat to our
Eyes (which seem to
Long for
Color). So why is
Winter so happy with
This combination?

Perhaps it knows —
As many artists might
Tell you —
That it is not the
Color that matters,
Nor the canvas.

Beauty is in the

I peek at a single
Resting on top of the
Mound of snow.
From this vantage
Point, the beauty of
This Winter creation is
Not only apparent,
But jarringly brilliant,
Wise and

~ by Stan Stewart
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2 thoughts on “#Poem – whites and grays”

  1. Stan,
    This is a striking poem that allows me to contemplate the beauty of winter (love the last stanza). I am about to unveil the Finding Fall Gallery and invite writers to theWinter Whisperings Gallery. Can I place this poem and photo in Winter Whisperings? Happy Holidays.

    If you have a fall poem/photo that you would like to send me, please do so. I am unveiling Finding Fall for Christmas.


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