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Unmixing – separating logistics and creation

Creativity doesn’t mix well with logistics. Not long ago, I realized how much time I was spending during the creation of songs (or instrumental pieces of music) searching for sounds or plugins or settings. Obviously, this is sub-optimal.

What’s the deal?

What I found is that when I went to record or arrange music, I would get hung up on the logistics of creating the project. I’m sure that it’s no surprise to you, all of this stuff is technical and not particularly inspiring.

Save As Template in ProTools

Worse yet, if I already had momentum with the creative idea, these technical pursuits could derail that. Of course, I found a better trajectory (at least for me). Over the holidays, I had a few days to focus on preparing for future recording projects. And so, I did.

Sessions Just for Organizing

Falcon Program Folder

Specifically, I knew that I needed to set up new project templates and make favorite or specific sounds more quickly accessible. The templates were simple. Just find a typical song and perform a “Save As Template…” (At least that’s how it works in ProTools.)

On the other hand, the sounds can be very time-consuming if you even have half as many as I do. And I thought of it as an investment which it’s already proving to be.

Native Instruments Kontakt Quickload

As you can imagine, each virtual instrument will have its own approach to this organization. It’s beyond the scope of this post to instruct on how to do it. Instead, I’ll just mention that there’s a listing of the way I organized sounds at the bottom of this post. Plus, I’ll tell you that having this layout has been a significant relief when creating musical arrangements in the short time since I set this up!

And now… Create!

When the logistics are completed outside of sessions where I’m creating, I feel so much more free to be following the muse. How about you? I’m curious to know if your creative self has found ways to separate the “busy-ness” from the time to make stuff. If you have, please leave a comment here or reach out to me on social networks. (And thanks for reading!)

Oh yeah: as promised, here’s that breakdown of the way I organized my sounds. As you know, everyone will have their own categories. This is just my version.

Acoustic Band  
 Middle Eastern 
 Hybrid (Bass) 
 Synth (Bass) 
 Wood and Wire (Bass) 
Bells and Gongs  
 Not As Dark 
 Spooky Clusters 
  Horn sections
  Trombone sections
  Trumpet sections
  Tuba sections
 Solo Brass  
 Solo Strings  
 Solo Woodwinds 
  Bassoon solo
  Flute solo
  Oboe solo
  Other reed solos
  Bass (Viol) Sections
  Cello Sections 
  Full (strings)
  Legato Single Line
  Pizz and Short
  Tremolos, Trills, etc.
  Viola Sections
  Violin Sections
  Oboe section
  WW section effects
 Calm Thick 
 Calm Thin 
 Arp Calm 
 Arp Threat 
 Drum Kits 
 Other Loops 
 World (percussion) 
Pipe Organ  
  Glissandos (harp)
 Synthetic (plucked) 
 World (plucked) 
Pop Band  
 Brass Pop 
 Electric Piano 
 Treble Voices 
 Full Choir 
 Lower Voices 
 Synthetic Blends (voice)