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Peace Dove (by geralt via pixabay)

Songs for Peace in Ukraine #musicvideo

Create for peace. Press for peace. Pray for peace.


How many must die? How many must become refugees fearing for their lives? I am weary of reading the news of the war in Ukraine. And yes, I know it’s not the only war happening in the world. For me, that makes the situation worse, not better.

I have always been deeply affected by large-scale conflicts anywhere in the world. Some people say that makes me a sensitive person. That’s okay with me. But the lack of peace does make reading the news more difficult.


In the face of destruction, I am pressed (more than usual) to create. My creativity “spidey sense” gets to tingling and I can barely stop myself. I may try to ignore even my own needs. Sleep and nourishment are still required no matter how much my creative urge may say otherwise.

I’ve spoken and chatted electronically with many other artists who a propelled in a similar manner. We can only hope that this collective creating will offset some of the destruction.


Of course, we can never offset the deaths and grief. We can never offset the displacement and threats to mental health. We can never offset the misery of war.

Still, after many gatherings of people singing and meditating for peace, I believe we can help make a difference. It has happened before. People have come together to hold space for change for the good. Let us hold out so that peace may prevail.

Sunlight through clouds - seeking peace (by kareni via pixabay)

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