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The Nightingale – a song of peace for Ukraine

The nightingale is the national bird of the Ukraine. And they have many songs about it to prove the point.


I continue to be so deeply saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Since this war hit the headlines, I’ve been listening to Ukrainian music. So much of it is very inspiring. Though I don’t understand the language, the emotion and authenticity frequently come through anyway.

As the nightingale does seasonally, many people are migrating out of Ukraine — at least temporarily. The number of refugees is another human spirit crushing aspect of this conflict.

My first piece to honor Ukrainian music and people was an instrumental. This second one is a song. The lyrics are a poem that I found set to music many times. Each one is in a different style. As far as I can tell, the poet is unknown. (If you find out otherwise, please contact me.)


This poem is a song of grief. I also hear hope in it. The second verse talks about the music playing and that is often a sign of hopefulness.

The nightingale is known for its song. The male birds often have numerous calls they develop as they mature. There are a variety of legends about the nightingale’s contribution to Ukrainian folk music. The name of the nightingale — соловейко; soloveiko — is also used as a term of endearment.


I hope that my song honors the people of the Ukraine as I’ve intended to do. Like the nightingale, they have so much wonderful music.

The human and other costs of this war are already too high. May peace prevail.

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  1. “The group, known by the Nazis as “Nachtigall” or “Nightingale” was made up of former Ukrainian WW2 death squad members. “

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