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Thoughts on Epic Games’ Buyout of Bandcamp

When I first read that Bandcamp was being sold to Epic Games, I was worried. What use would a game developer have for a community-based music platform?

Not Really A Sellout

Bandcamp game over?

Since then, I’ve read dozens of prominent (or not) musicians’ opinions about what this will mean. Of course, we can’t entirely predict what will happen. We can read that Ethan Diamond — co-founder and CEO — says Bandcamp will continue to deliver the services it has been. And then, we can wonder if he can hold to that.

Of course, we can voice our concerns. We can be skeptical or hopeful. We can practice the indie spirit of forging ahead no matter what happens.

Do I Buy It?

Stan Stewart / muz4now Bandcamp page

I’ve been a fierce advocate for Bandcamp. My early and late reviews of the platform are glowing with affirmation. My VIP club is built on their subscription service. So, needless to say, I have an “investment” in them as well.

Surely part of the attraction for Epic Games is that Bandcamp is a thriving service with hundreds of customers. Will that be enough reason for them to keep it running “as-is”? Only time will tell.

On the high side, we can wish that the backing of Epic will allow Bandcamp to shine in new ways. Perhaps they’ll build their streaming service up to be among the top four. Or they will come up with yet un-dreamed ways to propel the music on their platform to listeners’ ears.

Time Will Tell

Stan Stewart / muz4now VIP page

The beauty of Bandcamp for so many of us is the sense of community. Musicians and fans can interact, get updates from each other, and access the latest music/livestream/video content with ease. Those fans who want to offer special support can subscribe to get their updates sooner as well as exclusive content. We don’t want to lose that.

My wish is that we will keep the communal nature of Bandcamp. And that if it is no longer available on this platform due to these changes, we will find another place to make it happen.

Thanks for being part of this community with me.

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    1. Spot on, Greg! We think along the same lines on this. In fact, you and I have confirmed the importance of community numerous times over the years we’ve interacted.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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