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Top Streaming Music Tracks for the Muse in 2022

2022 — it’s been filled with ups and downs. And it’s been full of new music.

You Made It All Happen

First, let me say a huge “thank you” to all of you who have listened to my tracks and followed along with my musings here. I appreciate you more than I can ever express. You made this year happen across the live venues, BandCamp downloads, and streaming platforms.

Thanks also to Sammy Stein. She provided a wonderful review of “Put the Q in Jazz” shortly after its release. In addition, she included this album in her best of 2022.

Though I can’t explain why, some of you especially made this a great year for my music on Pandora. This streaming service has proven to be the place where my music has reached new heights. Streams there were double the counts on Spotify and Apple Music combined. Wow! And thank you.

DreamState Rising

Even though the two DreamState suites released so far only came out in the last three months of this year, they rose to the top on Pandora. Number one was “Static Liminality” from DreamState: Liminal Space. In a distant second place was “Windpipe Warning” from DreamState: Dreams. There are two more DreamState suites coming out in 2023.

Four other DreamState tracks made the top-ten on Pandora. But other albums were intermingled as well. “Blessed Love” from Love’s Shifting Nature was third most heard. Calm and Gravy from that album also made the top ten. Thanks again to all you Pandora listeners who made this such a wonderful year.

Tracks R Us

On Spotify, there were two interesting tracks in the top 10. These are both interesting because they were released more than 2 years ago, yet they continue to make it into these rankings! From my singer-songwriter release Dream This, “Confession : Reflection” was there.

And from InterPlayful (piano improvisations), “Dancing With A Stranger” was number one for the second year in a row on Spotify.

Apple Tracks

More interesting than the top ten on Apple Music were the top Shazamed tracks. People heard these tracks somewhere and asked Siri to identify the music. Here are just a few that got hundreds or thousands of Shazams.

Also new on Apple Music are the music videos. “Snow Day II: Winter Is Real” was the top viewed of my music videos there.

Did Someone Say “Music Videos”?

Of course, many people get their music listening on YouTube these days. Naturally, my tracks are there as well.

To make it easy, I put my top-ten listened songs for 2022 into a playlist. I hope you enjoy these. Have a beautiful end to the year that was 2022 and best wishes for 2023.

Next week, I’ll share my top-ten songs on BandCamp for 2022.

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