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My BandCamp top-ten songs 2022

Top-Ten Muz4Now BandCamp Songs for 2022

Many of these songs and instrumental tracks were not written or released in 2022. But on BandCamp, they are the ones you listened to the most this year. Thank you!

Number 10

“Remedies Abound” from Put The Q In Jazz was my 10th most-heard track. This is a recent release and one that I’m particularly proud of. The people who helped to make this album a reality and a success have earned my eternal gratitude.

Song Number 9

The 9th song is actually a song. “Dance This” is from my 2017 singer-songwriter release, Dream This. You can learn more about it from the links here.

Number 8

Outward and Inward was a fun album to create early this year. Each track had an “outward” and an “inward” version. “Drive Outward” was the 8th most streamed track on my BandCamp releases.

And Number 7

“Syn the Sighs” from Synth Kraze was number seven. (Some people were surprised that I write music like this. Check it out.)

Song Number 6

Unlike Pandora where six tracks from the DreamState suites ranked in my top-ten, this was the sole entry on BandCamp. DreamState: Dreams and DreamState: Liminal Space are available for download or streaming. Two more DreamState suites are coming in 2023!

Here’s A Surprise!

Yeah, that’s right: one of my pipe organ pieces made it into the top-ten for 2022! The music video does not include the entire Modal Toccata. You can hear that here.

Number 4

Here’s the second of three jazz instrumentals from Put the Q In Jazz in this top-ten.

Song Number 3

I was deeply affected by the invasion of Ukraine. My heart continues to go out to the people personally affected by that war.

Almost There

“Just Go” was first recorded as part of Pure Movement. This is the version from Put The Q In Jazz at position number two.

Song Number 1

The Nightingale” is the most listened to song from my BandCamp collection in 2022. It’s another song to honor the people affected by the war in Ukraine. So many people have sent me moving responses to this track.

Thank you for listening! All the best for the new year.

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