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Ripples in water represent outward motion

Outward and Inward – Sharing and Introspection

Time is fast and slow. Life is outward and inward.


The album that I releasing today feels like I’ve taken a long time to release it. My previous release is almost three months old. I sense that was so long ago.

But I hope you’ll celebrate with me since this is my first release this year. In January, I let you preview two of the songs from this album in music videos: Drive Inward and Slide Outward.


Now, I’m finally ready for you to hear the whole album. Since you’re here, I think you’ll appreciate these tracks more if you know part of the story. So, I’m going to share a bit my story of creating this music with you.

If you’ve been following along here, you know that I’m an introvert. What this means to me is that I have a big interior life. But I’m also a performer. I like being on stage where I can sing and play. (These days, that “stage” is often a virtual one, of course.)


This is what we might call a dichotomy. This would be fine except that it’s within me. The result is that I’m always looking for ways to express the outward and inward callings in me.

The outward one often becomes the “performer” (in every sense of that word). The inward one is more introspective and often hidden from most. Only my most intimate friends and partner get to see this part of me — most of the time.


This album is then an attempt by me to show the outward expression and the inward one of the same impulse. You get six of these: drive, slide, shine, walk, shift, and draw. And, of course, each of these has a multitude of meanings, so the titles are like poetry by themselves.

Add to this the dual musical pieces for each of these impulses and you have quite a mixture. To say more would be to sway you. And I want you to get your own feelings and responses to these tracks. Let me know what you think.

(You can also listen to this album on your favorite streaming platform.)

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