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Inward Snowy Tree

Drive Inward – pressing towards hope

Many experiences during the pandemic have drawn me to consider hope. How do we find it? Is it an “outside job” or an inward search? Especially when the times are so unpredictable, how can we press towards it?

Inner Hope

One question I’ve been asking myself is whether we should look outside ourselves or inward to find hope. In my search, I’m finding that it takes both that outward and inward glance to find a fullness of hopeful living.

So, I continue to seek inspiration and passion in all the places I’ve found it. In addition, I’m constantly looking for what can inspire me next. It is this searching that often goes inward.

Inward Bound

Outward snowy tree

This looking inside myself is not about waiting for a eureka moment. This is not about magic feathers and such. No. I must press for answers here. And by pressing for understanding, I can sometimes find hope.

That is why this journey inward is about drive. Not in the sense of driving a vehicle, but of going after what’s living in me that can help me be a better person.

Do I always find it? No way. That’s precisely which I must keep driving and pressing towards that sense of becoming.

Easy Pressure

Inward snowy tree

Oh, don’t worry. I will rarely hurt myself with this sort of pressure. It’s actually just what’s required to get under the surface.

And by engaging in the “Drive Inward”, I may find the source of my stream. Even if it’s frozen on the surface, there is so much moving underneath. Let’s go.

(The video above uses a small portion of the track “Drive Inward” to create this scene. The album will be “Outward and Inward” and will be released in about a month. Watch for it here.)

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  1. Liking doesn’t seem to work. (I have this problem on some WordPress sites for some reason…) But as I’m writing a response now, I would like to mention that I really like the first picture of the fir tree. It looks like he is giving his snowy paw.

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