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Frozen Grasses

Puppy Whimsy – dogs and snow play well together

I’m excited to let you know about two things related to my “Mood Swings Suite“. Here they come…

Puppy Whimsy VIDEO

Taughannock Gorge in winter -- looking out to Cayuga Lake

One of the great joys of having a puppy in our family is being able to see her play with such excitement. She loves to run across our lower yard chasing something we’ve thrown to her — usually a stick or a ball. When it snows, she’s even more thrilled to run and leap.

One of the favorite songs (based on the number of listens) of this suite so far is the track “Whimsy”. I’m not surprised. It’s definitely one my favorite tracks on that this album to create and hear.

So now, you get to see dogs playing with wild abandon and full of whimsy in the snow while listening to a part of this track. Enjoy!

Streaming Everywhere

Grasses frozen in the snow look like they are filled with whimsy

The second thing is that this suite has been released on all the streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and more. Whichever is your favorite, please click here for Stan Stewart’s Mood Swings Suite and choose your favorite tracks.

Thanks very much for your support and enjoy the winter holidays!

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