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Synth Kraze – music made for the fun of it

In 18 days, I created nine tracks of synthesizer music. And I did it just for the fun of it.

Synth Pop

This is a genre usually called “synth pop”. I don’t typically compose this type of music, but that’s part of why it was such a lark. If you have half as much fun listening as I did making it, the whole process will have been worth it.

Normally, I’d go into all the synthesizers I used to make these sounds. I’d bore you (and probably myself) with technical details about the brands and developers of sounds on each track.

Not Going There

But this was for pure synth fun. So, we’ll leave it at that. (Why do I hear everything I’m typing into this blog post with a Scottish accent? More fun.)

That’s all the words I have for this album. It’s all about the music. And it’s all about the fun. Hope you enjoy listening!

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