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Shift is Streaming - candles lit for Love's Shifting Nature

Listen to the Shift – streaming Love’s Shifting Nature

There is a time to be heard. But more often, it is time to listen. Shift to listening.

Listen Now

The Shift key on a computer keyboard

As a fan, follower, and friend, you have already heard Love’s Shifting Nature. Now, you can also hear and share it on all of your favorite streaming radios. I’ll add links here as they appear.

Whether you are a VIP or a first time listener, thank you. You took the time to take in one track or many. May these sounds honor the one who passed away.

Visualize Love

I can never claim to have captured the essence of the person who was passing on. Instead, I can only express what it brought up in me. From the heart-wrenching to the awe-inspiring, this journey has led to so much self-discovery.

Trying to connect these feelings to visuals from the world we love is challenging, too. Still, I hope this helps you visualize your love of people in your life.

Be Willing to Shift

Shift is Streaming - candles lit for Love's Shifting Nature

Whether we want to or not, we are transforming with every single moment. Change is the one constant. And changing is often for the better. Stick with the the shift to a better you. (I will stick with shifting to a better me, as well.)

Like the rest of our selves, our love and loves shift continually. It is the nature of love to shift. Love’s Shifting Nature.

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