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Pandora and the other box

Stan Stewart’s music is streaming on Pandora

Thanks to Pandora’s new “Artist Marketing Platform” (AMP), my music is finally on this streaming music platform. Prior to AMP, there were curators (employees of the streaming service) who allowed or blocked material from being published on the service. They still have the right of refusal, but apparently (and thankfully) my descriptions of why my songs, improvisations, and compositions should be included have made the difference.

The Box That Is Pandora

Pandora (icon logo)

Until my AMP successes, I had always been a little jealous of indie musician friends whose recordings were accepted by this service. Pandora has always been receptive to popular and other accessible styles of music. I suspect that my not-genre-specific music — especially improvisations — has never seemed as easily marketable to this platform.

Meanwhile, many independent music publishers (including muz4now, inc.) have pressed and encouraged Pandora to open up to artist-based input. And, at least for now, they are being responsive with their AMP program.

(If you’re a musician who has also been wondering how to get your music on Pandora, you should have received an email with a link to start your AMP process. If not, try this link to get started. Only Pandora “premium” subscribers will be able to listen to your music. It still won’t be available to people who use the service for free.)

Hearing Is Believing

Each album, EP, or single has to be recommended separately on AMP. If you notice that you can’t find one of my releases on Pandora, let me know and I’ll check it out. For now, here are a few examples of my music that are ready for your listening pleasure there. (Unfortunately, the play buttons in these links will probably only work if you pay for Pandora streaming. This is typical of many streaming services. For the rest of us, click the link in the right column to listen.)

Pandora (paid subscription)Learn the story and listen for free
My singer-songwriter album, “Dream This”For the background on this album, check out my #DreamThis page. Play the tracks from here and see the music videos here.
“Characters” (piano improvisations) You can read the story of this album and listen by clicking this phrase.
“Wreckless” (song)…which was inspired by Dolores O’Riordan.
“Hope Suite” (instrumental music)Here is the story of these pieces with play buttons to hear each one while you read.
“Interdependence Suite” (piano improv)This suite celebrates how we are all connected to each other.

You can also search for my name on Pandora to find more music. Click this paragraph to go to that search.

Thanks for reading and thanks — especially — for listening!

6 thoughts on “Stan Stewart’s music is streaming on Pandora”

  1. Congratulations, Stan! Sounds (unintended pun ) like a great opportunity for you! Are u also able to get on Apple or Amazon music? Or is it similar, curated etc? Meanwhile, all the continued best for you!

    1. One of my favorite puns!
      I’m on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, and several other streaming services. Thanks for asking!

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