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Storm clouds with a sunset shining through them

“May It Be Time” Music Videos

Even while trying to take a holiday from blogging, I’ve continued to create. Two of the creations are music videos from the suite “May It Be Time“.

Creativity Calls

The call of the muse has no respect for arbitrary human schedules. Even holidays (aka vacations) don’t get special treatment.

For the first music video, I was drawn into one of my favorite video subjects: moving water and specifically, Taughannock Falls. If you’ve been following along on this blog or Twitter, you already know how inspiring this waterfall is for me.

Music Video: Slow Motion

Storm clouds used in this music video

In this video, I chose to use slow motion for the majority of the moving images. I think that the sul pont and flautando style strings lend to the sense of slowing down.

It seems to me that a holiday should be about slowing down. I rarely meet my own expectations on this, however. Maybe if I watched this video before planning each vacation, I’d be reminded to downshift.

My wife calls the flute part in this track, “Peter Pan”. Like Peter, I sometimes long to go away to Never, Never Land. But that’s impractical at best. So, I usually settle for a few moments of behaving (either internally or externally) like a carefree Pan.

“Prelude: May It Be Time”

Music Video: Moving On

Storm clouds dissipating - image used as part of this music video

The next version of “May It Be Time” in this suite is the main one. By that, I mean that it was the first one I composed and arranged. It is track 4 (of 7) on the EP, sort of holding the center.

This is the dramatic version. Though it keeps the cello as one of the two solo instruments, the flute is gone. In its place is a distorted electric guitar. I enjoyed creating the drum part on this one. I had to go back and improve it several times because it never quite seemed to carry the beauty and intensity that I wanted.

The images in this music video range from thunderstorms to flower gardens to people dancing and moving through fields of grain and blooms. My intention is to walk us through some version of the circle and the cycle of life. I hope you enjoy these music videos. Thanks for dropping by!

“May It Be Time (2 studio version)”

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    1. I hear you. COVID-19 pandemic has changed us all. I had to adapt how I do music (and have written about it several times on this blog).
      That we are alive is one gift I am choosing not to waste.
      I hope that you find a new way to find joy.
      Best regards,

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