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The sun sets behind an evergreen tree and a grassy field for the cover of Stan Stewart's "Greener Grass" - an airy, contemplative music single.

Greener Grass – an airy, ephemeral instrumental

That’s it, folks. This is the last of this airy style of music for the moment.


You (at least some of you) asked for it. And you got it: six new songs. Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on these ephemeral tracks. You were the inspiration to begin and to continue.

Here are the posts I wrote about these musical creations (complete with a play button).

Minimal “Airy” 6

Now, it’s time for one last instrumental piece in this contemplative style. I think this one is particularly pleasing. Besides being airy with lots of space, it has some deep interest as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening! Now (or very soon), you should be able to listen to this anywhere you stream music.

Up Next

Moving on from these wonderful, airy music tracks

As much as I’ve enjoyed creating these extended, ephemeral pieces, I have other projects that are calling to me now. Besides the orchestral music like First Snow and piano improvisations like In Memory Of Tom, I am excited about a new series of songs. I think of them as “old-time folk songs I just made up”.

It’s surprising to realize how long it’s been since I released “Dream This” and LIVESONGS (the live version of Dream This). Those were like my life story up to that point in my life. How things have changed since then…

Get Down

Plus, life carries on. There are many things pulling on me. If you’re ever curious to know what those things might be, please visit my “now” page.

As always, thank you for your support!

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