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The sun rising up through trees along a trail forms the cover art for the music single "Subtle Drama" by Stan Stewart

“Subtle Drama” – more mellow music

As usual, I have no idea where this title came from. But there you go: Subtle Drama.

Dramatic Flair

A piano bench sticks out from under a piano keyboard.

During earlier times in my life, I had relationships whose drama was far beyond subtle. Every day, I lived on pins and needles wondering what troubling stuff would happen. It’s a wonder my adrenal system survived.

I am overjoyed that I’m done with those times. Occasionally, I still experience some form of hardships, but for the most part, I’ve learned to even out the waves in the sea of my life.

Subtle drama is something I can handle. It’s sort of like bringing an artistic flare to the play. Over-dramatic stuff only belongs in overactors anonymous.

Subtle Drama

In keeping with this sense of downshifting, I created another contemplative track for you to mellow out to. I hope you will listen to and appreciate this piece. Also, please consider sharing it with your friends. (It is or will be on all the streaming services.)

Other Subtleties

Duo - a violin on top of a bunch of music scores.
Representing the string sounds used on SUBTLE DRAMA.

In addition to the usual inspirations, I’ve recently been inspired by some wonderful virtual instruments. On this track, you’ll especially note the morphing sounds of orchestral instruments like cello and clarinet.

I’m particularly impressed with these instruments that formed the core of the sound on this track:

Thanks for checking out Subtle Drama and some of the story behind it. Stay in touch!

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    1. I’m so curious what you found to be “informative” or “eye opening”! I thought I was just telling the story behind my new track, so it never occurred to me that someone might respond with words like that.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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